Accelerated Agile Automation™

Logica will provide you with an elite team of SAP business process re-engineering and business workflow automation consulting specialists; known in Ottawa as the SAP Workflow SWAT team (WF-SWAT™), our team has the SAP Federal Government experience required to accelerate your automation project.

Logica’s Certified ScrumMasters (CSM®) have devised a unique, agile project planning methodology specifically designed to accelerate SAP business workflow automation projects.  Our Accelerated Agile Automation™ methodology, facilitates delivery in tight timeframes through accelerated agile prototype development and utilizing an  incremental roll-out model that begins with an initial pilot(s) and gradual in wave(s) across your organization.

This new, fresh approach is your alternative to the traditional, long term consulting model, our focus is on accelerated delivery of solutions in an iterative, agile manner.  This approach entails an efficient tag team of work hand off between very experienced resources. Resources will be on site at the appropriate times during each phase to accomplish their specific piece of the work deliverables.  Logica team members understand the entire project plan and have a depth of knowledge about the dependencies for schedule and sprint break down. This tag team or, workflow SWAT team, approach is known as WF-SWAT™.

Call or email us today for your WF-SWAT Accelerated Automation™ Assessment or 613-220-0341.

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